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Presently I am hired as a Regional Indonesia Staff by PEG-Group, founding by a Norwegian citizen, who has an extensive experience and a vast network coming from more than 20 years working in Asia.


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My major duty is taking care all field and administrative issue related Tourism and Aquaculture Project in Indonesia, one of the areas where PEG-group is present with an array of services.


At the time being, we are on the process to establish a natural ethnic Sasak Resort on the isolated area of eastern part West Nusa Tenggara, named Kaliantan.


I ended the year 2003 to assist a Regional South East Asia News Correspondent for Aljazeera.Net in the course of almost 6 months period. 


Before that I was working as a Secretary to Managing Director by TNS, Indonesia. PT. Taylor Nelson Sofres is one of the world's leading market information groups, providing continuous and custom research and market analysis in over 50 countries.


In September 2002, my contract by SEQIP Indonesia, Science Education Quality Improvement Project, has completed when the book-project finished. The project was initiated from the Indonesian side and is supported by the German government as part of its development cooperation. All responsibility lies with the Ministry of National Education in Jakarta.


The German support for development of systems was done by the GTZ under contract with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation. I was working there as a Temporary Illustrator and Project Administration.


Since October 1996 to April 2001, I was employed as a Project Secretary by  OCEANOR ASA, the Oceanographic Company of Norway ASA. OCEANOR ASA is one of the largest marine companies in Norway. I worked since October 1996 to April 2001 for SEAWATCH Indonesia Project, a cooperation project with BPP Teknologi as its counterpart.